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NoJobsBoard X The Crop Club

The challenge:

NoJobsBoard is a collective of freelancers looking for more meaningful work. Freelancers have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and insecurity led to people taking on work they don’t particularly enjoy. 


The collective wanted to spread hope and offer the opportunity to find more purposeful work and get people to connect for future projects.


The solution:

We developed a virtual program with social enterprise The Crop Club, enabling a broad range of creative disciplines to join. 

The group of 25 creatives was split in order to utilise their different talents and enable them to really connect in smaller groups. Some worked on a logo re-design,  others on refreshing the website look and feel and tone of voice.

Siobhan Brunwin

The outcome:

👉All participants said they were able to forget about the challenging situation for the time being and working for a good cause has helped to put their struggles into perspective.

👉 8/10 participants said they are looking forward to teaming up with new people they met during the program.

👉 9/10 joiners will take away inspiration on how to run virtual workshops themselves.

👉 The Crop Club has received a new logo and a lot of food for thought on how to improve the website and copy.

👉A few creatives are still voluntarily working with The Crop Club on implementing the results and taking the outcome of the event further.

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